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Refurbished TASER X26E Law Enforcement Model CEWs

TASER X26 – The Workhorse TASER
CEW (Conducted Electrical Weapon)

The TASER X26 CEW has transformed law enforcement becoming a vital tool for patrol level law enforcement officers around the world. The X26 provides a wide variety of field proven benefits to users.

Easy to Use
  • 60% smaller in size and weight than the ADVANCED TASER M26 CEW
  • Optimized for full-time carry on the duty belt
  • Software upgradable
  • Integrated LASER sight with low intensity lights
  • Central Information Display (CID) indicates countdown timer during an activation and battery level

More Effective
  • Greater incapacitating power than the ADVANCED TASER M26 CEW

Quality and Reliability
  • Used in the field today and field proven

Low Cost Independent Alternative - to TASER International's High Manufacturer Prices!

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Refurbished X26: $599.00

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Includes all of these extras for Law Enforcement, Corrections and Officers of the Court for $599.00:
  • Refurbished TASER X26E LE Model updated with the latest Version 24 Operating Software
  • Black TASER X26E with Stainless Steel Strike Plates or Yellow or Clear upon request
  • Request 1st & 2nd Choice Blade-Tech™, Blackhawk!™ or Safariland™ Duty Holster
  • Specify Left Hand if you draw left handed, or we will ship a Right Hand Holster
  • Every Brand of Holster can be configured for opposite side cross-draw use
  • Nylon Shoulder Holster with two spare cartridge pouches upon request
  • TASER Carry Case is available instead of a duty holster upon request
  • DPM Digital Power Magazine Battery with 99% power remaining or...
  • XDPM Extended Magazine with Spare Cartridge Clip upon request
  • Yellow Door 15 FT Range Cartridge, or upon request...
  • Silver Door 21 FT Range Cartridge, or upon request...
  • Green Door 25 FT XP Extra Penetration LE Cartridge
  • 30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee Return Policy
  • 90 Day Replacement Warranty with Return Label
  • One Year Repair or Replacement Warranty
  • No Sales Tax is charged in most areas
  • Signature Confirmation upon request
  • Ships in 24-48 Hrs via Priority Mail™
  • FedEx Overnight™ is Available
  • Order by Phone: 702-617-3300

Please specify all of your extra requests in the "Special Instructions" which will appear when you click "Continue" after the credit card section. You can identify your Agency Name in that section with your ID or Badge Number. Please make your special requests brief as there is limited space. Extras are subject to availability and must be requested when you place your original order to avoid shipping charges. We will ship a Black TASER X26 unless you specify "Yellow TASER" or "Clear TASER". We will ship a Right Hand Blade-Tech� Holster unless you specify "RH Blackhawk!�" or "LH Safariland�" for example. We will ship you the standard Yellow Cartridge unless you specify "Silver Cartridge" or "Green Cartridge". Please specify 1st or 2nd choices if you wish, or call us to check availability. We will do our best to accommodate you. See the Unsolicited Reviews from law enforcement officers.

To expedite same-day shipping when ordered before 12 Noon ET:
Please specify in the secure "Special Instructions" section your Agency Name and Badge Number. Otherwise specify your Officer Card Number or ID Number, or your Date of Birth, Drivers License Number and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number when shipping to your home address for the background check. Please place your order before 3:00 PM ET. That will speed up the process so we do not have to call you or email you to verify your identity. If you prefer, you can instead provide the name and location of your current or former (if retired) law enforcement agency, rank or title, and badge number.

FedEx Standard Overnight™ for Next Day Delivery is available when ordered before 12 Noon Eastern. Please call (702) 617-3300 to confirm that you placed your order in time. Unless "No Signature Required" is selected, FedEx orders are shipped with Signature Required.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee gives clients 30 days to exchange or return for a refund. All of our electronic weapons have the latest software and they all carry our guarantees.

90-DAY REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: Should you have a problem during the first 90 days, we send a replacement the same day or next business day with a Pre-Paid Return Shipping Label for return of the defective unit.

FULL ONE-YEAR PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: Should you experience a problem during the rest of the first year, return it for repair or replacement at no charge. Thereafter repairs typically average $100.00 plus parts.

CALL TO ORDER: Please order online, or call us at 702-617-3300 7 days a week if you have any questions or to order by phone or to let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. We cater to all branches of United States law enforcement.

WE SELL TO: U.S. law enforcement agencies, corrections institutions, peace officers, constables, deputies and other individual law enforcement officers, security officers and other licensed professionals and individuals as dictated by law. We sell to law enforcement agencies and individuals in the continental USA, Hawaii, Alaska, but not to U.S. territories. We do not sell outside the U.S.A. We confirm every order, and verify identity when shipped to a residence.

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: can order online for 30-Day Terms. Instead of a credit card, you can select "Payment By Mail". Then your order will ship with an invoice. At the end of the order form before you click the green Submit Order Button, you will have an opportunity to review and type in special instructions like a PO# or special requests for example. You can also call 702-617-3300 to order. For questions you can also Write Us: EMAIL.

Even Less Expensive Alternatives
The original ADVANCED TASER M26 and the new TASER PULSE also come with extras for Active Duty Officers:

Order Now:
Pre-Owned TASER M26: $399.95

Order by Phone: 702-617-3300
          TASER X26 Video Comparison to the TASER M26

Government Agencies can call in an order to 702-617-3300
or Fax your Purchase Order to: 610-241-7413.

Or you can order online and specify your Payment Option as "Payment by Mail"
and enter your Purchase Order Number in the "Special Instructions" section.

Or order by phone with a PO Number when shipped to your government office.
Terms: 30 Days. 10% Penalty for late payment plus interest charge of 10%/mo.

Thank you for your order!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: NO WARRANTY IS MADE OR IMPLIED REGARDING ANY OF THE PRODUCTS PROVIDED BY US TO PROTECT FROM INJURY OR DEATH. USER ASSUMES ALL RISKS. NO WARRANTY IS EVER MADE OR IMPLIED REGARDING THE LEGALITY OF ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS. IT IS THE BUYER'S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO ASCERTAIN AND OBEY ALL APPLICABLE LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS. We ship to all 50 states, but ship directly to MA. Law enforcement and those with firearms licenses in MA can arrange to purchase from us through local gun dealers. Purchasers including off duty law enforcement officers are responsible for knowing the TASER Laws in your area. We do not ship outside the USA. We confirm and verify law enforcement identity, and/or facilitate the background check for every order.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 days to exchange or return for refund. One Year Repair or Replacement Guarantee.
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